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Specialty Crop Marketing

K & K Farm Service, Inc. has developed a reputation for delivering outstanding quality product to our clients.  We are experienced in shipping commodities overseas via bulk container, as well as inland via rail or truck. 

Our expertise in the seed industry gives us the ability to grow, contract, support and process high value identity preserved products.

We own and operate storage, handling, conditioning and shipping facilities and are a licensed grain warehouse in the state of Arkansas. 

We remain on the forefront of new technology developed for the commodities we grow.  We believe that grain needs to be produced as efficiently as possible to compete in the global market. 

The 450,000 bushel specialty soybean facility allows us to meet customer demands for IP products.  Soybean handling is accomplished with a 10-inch diameter "grain loop" traveling above, below, and to either side of the facility instead of conventional legs and conveyors.  This "grain loop" acts as a continuous drag conveyor, using chain mounted paddles to gently move the soybeans to and from the storage tanks.  Plans for the near future include an automated computer control system that will allow the soybeans to be conditioned to optimal moisture content and to be monitored while in storage. 

If you are looking for a high quality specialty crop commodity, please contact:

Don Kittler, President
870-552-9148 Fax

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